Revenge of the Duzzles

Game Creation

Revenge of the Duzzles was created in ten weeks for Foundations of 2D Graphics Programming, a class at RIT, in the Spring of 2009. To create a game is the major assignment of the class. All of the code, art, and sound was created in the ten week period of the class by the four team members that make up The Girls and Ey. To read about them more please check out the creators page.

Duzzles Origin

The Duzzles concept was spawned out of a discussion between Mike Ey and Kelley Piering early in the quarter. Kelley was making "Fuzzles", fuzz balls with feet and googly eyes. We already knew we wanted to make a top-down 2D shooter, where the player did not control a space ship, to separate us from all the space or airplane shooters out there. Mike had an idea where the right stick pointed a shield in a direction around the player, allowing them to protect against fire in a limited arc. Soon the idea of a duzzle, a fuzzle without feet, was born. They became sentient dust balls, and a maid was the obvious choice of a protagonist to fight them. The shield became a magical feather duster, and her firing mechanism became spray bottles. The last twist was the that duzzles were able to combine and disperse, making them both the enemies and the bullets that players must carefully avoid.

How to Play

Use a keyboard and mouse or a XBox360 controller to move Lisette around and avoid duzzles while destroying them. Fire your magical spray bottle in either a steady stream or wide bursts to destroy the duzzles. Coming close to duzzles without being hit will charge up a sneeze gauge. Sneezes can then be detonated to kill a swarm of duzzles. Lisette also has a specially-made giant feather duster which floats around her and can be used to smack duzzles away from her.

Be careful as the duzzles can combine into larger duzzles and divide into smaller ones. The color of the duzzles determines their behavior. If any duzzle comes close enough to Lisette's face, she will suffer a deadly allergic reaction.

Smaller duzzles are worth more points than larger duzzles. You can get a higher score by waiting for them to break apart before you destroy them.


The duzzles are a secret military experiment-a super dust intended to be dropped on enemy soldiers to immobilize them with intense sneezing fits. Their abilities to break apart and reform allowed them to escape from the government lab where they were created. Now they seek vengeance on the world who treated them as mere vacuum fodder.

The government tried a myriad of techniques to stop them but soon realized that only someone who had devoted their lives to dust elimination would have the sheer tenacity to eliminate the duzzles. They contacted Lisette, the Super Maid, to help them. Only Lisette, with her intimate knowledge of dust and her tried and true dust destroying techniques, can wield the specially-made feather duster and spray bottle to eliminate the dust trying to destroy the world.



Originally created by the government as a super weapon, duzzles achieved sentience and they are pissed!! Being comprised of dust and possessing all the motives that one would expect of angry dust balls, they are out for revenge. Tired of being forced to hide under beds, being swept under rugs, and being shunned they long to take revenge on a world that shunned them.


Ever since she was a child, Lisette has had an extreme allergy to dust. It often limited her ability to play with the other children who enjoyed hiding under beds and poking around other dusty places; she always lost hide and seek. Her frustration manifested itself in an extreme hatred of such filth and a determination to rid the world of dirt so that no one would ever be left out the way she was. Over the years, she developed a reputation for being an unstoppable dust-destroying machine earning her the nickname Super Maid. Lisette has an extreme allergy to dust so being hit by the duzzles will kill her.