Revenge of the Duzzles


Why doesn't my USB non-XBox360 controller work?

There is currently only code to support the XBox360 controller and mouse/keyboard input.

What do the different flashing colors mean?

Flashing dark means you hit the duzzle. Flashing light means it is getting ready to divide. Duzzles launched from a division steady light colored and unable to combine until it has bounced.

I found a bug not listed. What do I do?

Email us with as many details about what you were doing that created the bug. We greatly appreciate your contribution.

I want more! Do you have plans to finish this?

Currently we are all in graduate school at Rochester Institute of Technology. When we finish we would love to finish this game but we make no promises.

What are the system requirements?

A full list of system requirements can be viewed at the download page.

I can't get this to install! What do I have to do?

Please check out the download page for a full set of installation instructions. If you are still having problems after reading that contact us and we will try to help.

What's up with Lisette's outfit?

Lisette is wearing the classic "french maid" ensemble. She wears a black sleeveless dress with white frills, a white-frilled apron, thigh-high black leggings and formal gloves. She wears black high-heels. Extensive testing has found that this is the ideal outfit for both fighting sentient dust balls and looking good.